Remote Choir

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From Winter to Spring 2018, Span Arts worked with a group of isolated people unified by their love of singing. Singing facilitator and songwriter, Molara, visited each of the group several times in their own homes, singing old remembered songs and learning new ones. Many of the participants contributed words about their life experiences which formed the song that Molara wrote: “Song About My Life”. Each individual was taught the song and recorded at home, and then the song was mixed together in a sound studio by Molara and Jez King. Most of the group were also able to make one meeting with Cor Pawb (Everyone’s Choir) at Queen’s Hall, Narberth, where the choir was also taught the song. Filmmaker Ruth Jones was also capturing audio and video throughout the process and this film is the result. The participants are Maggie Blincow, Tony Osborne, Vince Mingay, Gerry Phillips, Wendy Bardbury, Arthur Ray, Trevor Blake, Maymi Ely, Joan Bonner and Jane Phillips. Project Coordination: Rowan Matthiessen and Nia Lewis Supported By: PAVS Caring Communities Innovation Grant, The Big Lottery, Arts Council Wales, Digital Communities Wales