Ruth Jones is an artist filmmaker living in Pembrokeshire, west Wales for the last twenty years. Her background is in Fine Art and she studied at Liverpool John Moores University and the University of Ulster. Recent film projects include KITH (2022), Here Now / Yma Nawr (2020), Casglu / Gather (2017) and Partus (2016). She is the Creative Director of Holy Hiatus, a CIC exploring ritual, creativity and community. She also specialises in community documentaries and evaluation films such as Raise Your Voice Pembrokeshire (2020), Memortal (2019), Remote Choir: A Case Study in Arts and Wellbeing (2019)

I am fascinated by liminal experiences: lives on the threshold between one state and another, spaces of possible transformation where old patterns fall away and new ones develop. Filmmaking for me is a form of visual poetry. My films have minimal narrative and focus on specific and significant places combined with internal emotional and psychological transformations. I welcome collaborations with movement artists and musicians.