Here Now / Yma Nawr

Art Films

A short contemplative film 2020 to mark the soul’s entry and exit from the earth plane through lunar cycles, turning inward, grief, loss, soothing, longing and belonging. It is a ceremony for unceremonial times. Filmed along the Ogmore river and estuary, it offers seeds for new beginnings.

Performer Tracy Breathnach. Directed by Ruth Jones. Funded by Arts Council Wales

Ffilm synfyfyriol fer yn cofnodi dyfodiad yr enaid i’r byd corfforol a’i ymadawiad ag ef trwy gylchoedd y lleuad, troi i mewn arnom ein hunain, galar a cholled, lleddfu, hiraethu a pherthyn. Seremoni ydy ar gyfer adeg anseremonïol. Fe’i ffilmiwyd ar hyd glannau afon ac aber Ogwr, gan gynnig inni hadau ar gyfer dechreuad newydd.

Perfformwraig Tracy Breathnach Cyfarwyddwyd gan Ruth Jones Funded by/ Noddir Gan Arts Council Wales/ Cyngor Celfyddydau Cymru

I am left with a sense of being very close inside myself and simultaneously very wide and expanded. I breathe, I breathe

I loved it. SO beautiful, and gorgeous singing, sounds and filming.  I loved those voices and songs. By the end I felt like I was having a big hug in the midst of it all.

What an exquisite film. I am so moved by the aerial shot following the bird over the estuary, the sounds of the water, the sounds of the voices, the twist in your torso, the toes on the sand. My overriding response is… ‘I want to be there!’… by the river, at the estuary, moving, sounding…

Wow, what a fantastic piece of storytelling. Exquisite timing, beautifully filmed and performed. Utterly engaging!

Loved the film, beautifully made! loved the incantaions and language fusion..just what i needed to connect to at this point in time xx

Beautiful, intuitive filming and editing

What a wonderfully refreshing thing to greet the new year with. Thank you all. Beautiful

How exquisite!

Stunning!! my body feels this, themes I have been exploring the last few months birthing waters and ancestral bones! Thank you! Captivating viewing and the music sings to my soul

Great! Loved the unhurried, natural quality throughout, in all its elements. Makes you contemplate what makes a ritual, the finger pottery recepticles are a beautiful detail.

So beautiful, peaceful, profound, so many details and what I love most – space in it, space to breathe, receive, go into that open heart/body/mind space that is sometime difficult to access. Thank you!

Beautiful work that unfolds with such a gentle grace. Like a warm embrace. I love the nakedness of the voices with the landscape and sounds of nature. Loved seeing the body from above in the sand and the women sat in circle. I have sung Nani Nani myself, a very powerful lullaby, so was really moved to hear it woven into this work. A very delicate and touching piece. Thank you